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For everyone’s safety and convenience, we ask that all coin laundry customers please observe the following policies:


  • Carts should remain inside. 
    When carts are taken outside, they pose a risk to both people and vehicles. Ask an attendant if you need assistance carrying laundry out.

  • Do not allow children to play with carts.
    The carts can be very dangerous and we don't want anyone, escpecially kids, to get hurt.


  • All laundry must be started by 8:10pm.
    This provides ample time to get clothes clean and dry before we close for the night.


  • You are responsible for your own laundry.
    While we do have attendants on staff, their job is to provide assitance with machines, money, and to answer questions.  We cannot be held liable for damage, theft, or loss of any kind.


  • Ask an attendant for WiFi password.
    No one likes slow internet, so we only provide the password to customers actively doing laundry to help keep our WiFi from getting bogged down.


  • Smoke only in designated area outside. 
    A bench and cigarette butt recepticle are provided for your convenience and comfort while you smoke.


  • No soliciting is allowed on the premises.
    If you have a flyer, a poster, or business cards for advertising your services or an event, we will be happy to add them to our Community Board.


  • Bathrooms are for customers only.
    In order to maintain clean, safe facilities, our restrooms are not open to the public.

  • Service animals are allowed inside, pets are not.
    Due to health and safety concerns, only service animals are allowed inside the laundromat.


  • Shoes & clothing must be worn at all times.
    In the interest of public health and safety, and to ensure the comfort of all our customers, appropriate clothing and footware are required to be worn at all times.


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